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What does Lyrics for Android do?

Lyrics for Android displays your music’s lyrics while allowing you to continue using your favorite music player. It is not a music player, but you can control (skip/forward/pause) from the Now Playing section.

What music players do you work with?

Lyrics for Android works with all Android music players listed in the  Supported Players section of the app.

What is included in Lyrics for Android's subscription?

Lyrics for Android offers a one year subscription to view over 4 million lyrics from thousands of different composers and artists.

How can I get this for free?

Lyrics for Android allows for a 14 day free trial option once you’ve added a subscription and provides lyrics snippets free thereafter so long as the app is installed.

How can I unsubscribe from my subscription?

Unsubscribe using Google Play by accessing the hamburger menu: “My apps – Unsubscribe”.

Does this app embed lyrics into my songs tag?

No. Lyrics for Android searches its database for songs lyrics and displays them. We would like to be able to embed lyrics, but we do not have a license to offer this support.

Are you mad cause I’m asking you 21 questions?

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